Tokyo and Osaka Motorcycle Show 2018. Part 3.

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Osaka Motorcycle Show 2018, I do not have much time to prepare.
I was troubled very much whether I will exhibit at the Osaka Motorcycle Show.
So, I consulted Mr. Kitamura, president of Evil Racing.
Then, because the place is so close in Himeji and Kasai, he came to our office as “I’m going”.
He talked for about three hours and went home.
The President Kitamura is doing a variety of interesting things and analyzing various things.
Most of the talk was unrelated to the motorcycle show, but I was very interesting.

As a result, I applied for the Osaka Motorcycle Show 2018.
Looking at the result of the questionnaire survey of 2017, I think that 2018 will be the highest number of visitors ever.
I want to be in the that venue.
I think that we would like to make an interesting exhibition by devising somehow so that customers can enjoy it in limited preparation time.


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