Tokyo and Osaka Motorcycle Show 2018. Part 2.

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I applied for the Tokyo Motorcycle Show, but selection failed.
Because Tokyo is crowded, it seems to be such a thing often.

The end of this month (November) is the deadline of the Osaka Motorcycle Show.
When I applied for Tokyo, I was planning to exhibit both Osaka and Tokyo.
But, the situation has changed with this one month, and uneasiness factors came out.
I was very troubled whether to exhibit in Osaka or not.

The ballpoint pens are beginning to sell subtle.

I thought that I would simply be rejoice if the number of sales increased, but actually it was not.
For the time being, I will be forced to live in poverty.
This pen is too complicated to process, it is refused by the subcontractor.
So we manufacture it by our company.
That’s the good thing about this pen, but it’s quite a limitation.

When we try to raise the production capacity, it becomes an option of “to increase production equipment and employees”.
Again, I have to spend money before money comes in.
This is why once we become poor.
This is somewhat painful.
Naturally we cannot be pleased obediently.

So far, I have put the main focus on being able to endure it by other compensation even if there is no sales of the ballpoint pen.
So we are not in trouble with money.
However, thankfully the economy is good, so the “other to compensate” is becoming insanely busy.
We can not do anything.

I bought a second ROBODRILL, but it was outdated and broke suddenly.
So, it is not yet fully operation.
Because Chinese people buy degree good machines, little remains left.

The current situation is like manufacturing it on a prototype line, so labor costs are very expensive.
As soon as possible, we have to produce it in two units.

Under such circumstances I was troubled very much whether I will exhibit at the Osaka Motorcycle Show.
We do not have the material to judge how much we will be busy from now on.

So, I consulted Mr.Kitamura, president of Evil Curse Racing.
Following the next.

And, as I am gradually getting busier, I’d like to recruit employees around spring.
If you are a machine designer or a person who can do marketing and want to do business like our company please attach a resume to e-mail to


Araki F Machine seriously introduced technology and made it.
It’s all made with cutting of the aluminum.
It’s extremely mechanical ballpoint pen, MechaSEA.
Tap the image or jump to the sales page by clicking.↓↓↓

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