I make a Bimota SB6 Replica from Suzuki GAG. Production of stem for KSR. Part 3.

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Production of stem kit for KSR. (I attach this to GAG.)
Actually a board of 232mm arrived and should have been able to process as it was.
But I ordered materials of 2232mm.
So I cut a board with a thickness of 30 mm with a band saw and made the production proceed.
I apologized in good faith.

It is close to 30mm thickness against 25mm of genuine.
So, the bolt clamping the fork was changed from genuine M8 bolt, 1 piece.
I firmly fix it with two M6 bolts.

Quality of material ,
Under bracket · · · A2017
Stem shaft · · · A7075
I used this.

The stem is hollow through a long drill.
I dig a groove of the handle lock and made a structure that can use genuine handle lock.
Since it is necessary to adjust the angle, I put in a small key and adjust the angle.

The duralumin is great.
It was very light finish compared with genuine iron.
I carry out the lightweighting of the back side thoroughly. I almost sharpen it.

Weight comparison.
Genuine ↓
1484g. (With a one scale, it could not be measured with weight over)

My company’s products ↓

That’s half!
For the time being, confirm with 2 scales here as well.
It was in agreement with the time we were using the electronic balance, but one glitters and is not seen.
I’m sorry.

By the way.
This is the back side of genuine.
It has been lightweighted considerably.
Probably it is made by forging.

It is like this when I match it with the top bridge of the Bimota SB6 replica.

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