I make a Bimota SB6 Replica from Suzuki GAG. Production of stem for KSR. Part 2.

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In order to be released as parts for GAG’s Bimota Replica and KSR, I arranged the materials of the under bracket.
But, I made an order mistaken one digit. I really messed up.
I had to order 232 mm, but ordered 2232 mm.
I reviewed the email many times, but it has become 2232 mm.

Very long, 30 mm thick aluminum was delivered in large quantities.

Oh My God.
If I produce all this and could sell it all, it would be cheaper for one.
I produced 14 pieces of stock for the stem shaft and thought of end when sold out.
But I have to continue production.

While watching this material blocking the entrance to the workplace, this song was flowing in my brain.

I am a shock.

Therefore the weight of the stem kit is the next time.
I’m sorry.

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