I make a Bimota SB6 Replica from Suzuki GAG. Production of stem for KSR.

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I make GAG a Bimota replica and, I do 3D scan, push forward the design of the body.
The circumference of the fork divert a thing for KSR.
So the top bridge completed the thing which deformed size small to match KSR.

Naturally the under bracket uses the thing for KSR.
Therefore, I thought that I would like to use the products of my company as it is.
But, it ended the development work, but is the product that the preparation of the mass production is delayed.
Parts number KSR-STM 1, JAN code 4580393560702.

I intended to make it after the production of the body was over.
But, we received inquiries from general customers about whether or not we can be manufactured.
So I decided to produce it this week at last.

It is a headlight stay and a steering wheel stopper to have been a difficult point.

If this is integrated and shave off, it must be made from a very thick mass.
So, the screw stop was made separate.
But, I do not think it is a good idea as an article for sale when it is an ordinary square block.
So I sharpened it and made it elaborate. Like this ↓

It is difficult work to make this jig.
But, in violation of “Toyota Production System one-piece flow” adopted by my company, I made it “multi-cavity”.
Then Mr. Kikawa made it in a moment.
One – piece flow is severe if there are not more than a certain number of sales.

The part of the stem shaft was made a little while ago in the outside order and there is stock.
It is made of A7075 of aluminum harder than soft iron.

It penetrates the long drill in the middle and is hollow.
It is light.
When I measured the weight of it, it was lightness of the amazing.
Because it is long, I follow on the next time.


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