Y’s Gear’s Disk Kit, this is the best.

Disc kit for SR400/500 of Y’s Gear arrived.
It is gorgeous set contents.
It is an impression given a big toy for.
I tore a box and opened it.

Fork assy, caliper, master, brake rotor, meter gear, brake hose, screws related to it are also included.
It is awesome set contents.
How much will it cost if I purchase genuine parts in pieces?
It is certain that it exceeds 100,000 yen.
Perhaps it’s cheaper than being arrange in second hand.
Since it is brand new, there is no possibility that minor troubles will come out later.

76,000 yen is expensive but cheap.

In addition to the parts, the installation manual and the paper with the way to change the structure at the Land Transport Bureau are packed together.

Let’s paint and assemble it.

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