SR400, the way to a dry clutch, dimensions measurement.

I would like to know the dimensions of the clutch cover.
So I placed it on a milling machine and measured the coordinates of all the holes.

The hole of the bearing of the main shaft was about 0.03 elliptical.I was worried about it, but I finished measuring it.
Whether or not the dimensions are correct, I printed out at 1/1 and stacked it.

It fits perfectly.
Was good.

And I noticed.The oil line at the special bolt of the oil filter cover is not connected anywhere and what is it? I thought.When changing the oil filter, oil suddenly comes out when you take the cover suddenly, so it is a matter of pulling out oil in the oil filter chamber in advance.
Even without it, it is OK but it is consideration of the manufacturer.

I drew a drawing and noticed.
Before, to make this cover with machining,I thought that board with t = 40 was necessary.However, I feel all right with a board of t=25 if I make the place of the oil filter the other block.

Next is the production of the jig for fixing to the machining center.

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