Bandit 250 engine,assemble around the valve

Because the piston fits into the cylinder, I will assemble the head.

I kept shim and valve lifter in the paper cup and I will return it to the original place.
If I do not return it to the same place the valve clearance will change.
I have to make sure not to make a mistake.
I am writing a place into a the paper cup.

By the way, the valve clearance examined on the net is ↓.
It is quite wide.Moreover, the allowable range is wide.

Because Cub is around 0.05 mm, it is about 3 to 4 times.
Because the port is long in the longitudinal direction, the valve will also become longer and linearly expand.
The other day I did the valve rubbing, but I can only sharpen at 1/100 units at most.
So has no influence.

I do air blow one by one and assemble it.
I am careful that I fly it and do not lose it.

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