Bandit 250 engine, add notches to the sleeve, and!

A strategy to put a piston in a cylinder first, and to let a piston pin go through later.
I failed, so I made a notch in the skirt of the cylinder.

I sharpened it with a sander, but can sharpen it fast.
It is a feeling that it collapses rather than sharpen.
The casting will be such feel.

The piston pin is now passed.

But, centering the core, matching the piston and the hole of the connecting rod,it is difficult to pass the piston pin.
The oil ring will soon get out of the sleeve.

And a thing to put Retaining_ring of two cylinders of the middle in is difficult.
I failed several times.I bent three of the eight oil rings.
There was no choice but to reuse it.
If the sealant dries, I wipe it off once again and am repetition that I paint already once.

And …

At last it entered!

I’m about to cry.
This song is flowing in my head.

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