Dry clutch for SR400, 500, We will present in lottery!!!

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We will do it at last!
A mechanical ballpoint pen that our company manufactures and sells, MechaSEA.

As a PR plan of MechaSEA, we will present a dry clutch for SR400, SR500 to 1 person by lottery!

I am the first time to do such a project and it is experimental.
But, I would like to operate so that prizes can be delivered safely to winners.

Please read the following cautions and those who consented to it please apply.
The cost of transportation of the vehicle will be borne by the winner.

● Prizes contents
For YAMAHA, SR400, SR500. Dry clutch kit made by Araki F Machine. (Equivalent to 200,000 yen to 250,000 yen.)  Quantity 1.

The parts of this kit are not all new.
There are some parts using used parts as-is, and parts with additional processing of used parts.
The brake pedal may interfere.
It is with toe guard.
The toe guard may interfere with the step.
The clutch plate is for TZ250.
I do not add irreversible machining.  So, if there is a normal parts, it can be returned to wet type.
We will set up for free at our company.  If possible, we would like to keep your vehicle.
At that time, the part of the clutch of the normal which we removed is picked up by us.
If you do not wish to work at our company and would like to ship by kit individually please consult us separately after winning.

● Application method, application conditions
After satisfying the condition with one of the following SNS, please put a message on that SNS.
Allow the same person to apply in duplicate by different SNS.  (You can apply up to three per person. )
Twitter・・・Please follow our company account. And please retweet the post of this project.
Facebook・・・Please follow our company account. And please share the post of this project.
Instagram・・・Please follow our company account. And please Like the post of this project.

Please write “I apply for MechaSEA, SR dry clutch present.” in the message.
The post of this project of each SNS is pasted below ↓

● Application period
From 2018/02/21 to 2018/03/31, until 24: 00

● Announcement of winning
Mid Apr. 2018.
I will tell you that you won the account you wrote the message.
At that time, we will discuss arrangements for work.
If we can not contact with the winner for more than one week we will perform a lottery again and become another person.

● Assembling work, delivery
When we keep of the winner’s vehicle and assembling it, I will post it on my blog.
At that time, I will hide the license plate and vehicle body number.
The cost of transportation of the vehicle will be borne by the winner.
We will manufacture and deliver it by May 15, 2018.
※ (If there are incompleteness in this precautions, we add it while leaving change history.)


Araki F Machine seriously introduced technology and made it.
It’s all made with cutting of the aluminum.
It’s extremely mechanical ballpoint pen, MechaSEA.
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