Monthly Archives: August 2014

I change the SR 500 from 19 inches to 17 inches once again.

I changed throttle to ACTIVE two pull.
The master will change to radial of NISSIN.
Some wires became slightly remaining.
Though I bought 700mm, I look good even if another approximately 100mm is short.

This air cleaner is not an article for exclusive use of the SR.
But, when attaching a CR carburetor, since it is an ellipse, the surface area of the filter is large so that it is convenient.
The manufacturer is K & N, the part number is RU – 2750.

The adjust bolt of idling is convenient if I attach an extension wire.
It seems to be called a remote idle adjuster.
It is on sale from BITO R & D.

The rear is attached without difficulty and the work is completed.
It is cool when it is high grip!
When changing SR to 17 inches, superiority feeling is different.

Today is up to here.

Next time I will do the front.
Because it is necessary to change the outside tube of the fork for an old thing, it takes time for a while.
I want to paint it in black.
I combine a caliper and a hub with used fork this time.
It may be better in terms of certainty as it is newer to buy Y’sGear’s disk kit than searching for a used.
I can save labor. But,I have to buy a hub.

Or make the original vehicle of the old age base as the base car.
But, there is not SR500 when it is an advanced age type.

Because I disassemble a fork, I bought a spring of HYPERPRO.
I want to take specifications to be able to turn at the corner comfortably.
Because I am going to produce the second 17 inches, I think to paint the hub and this fork at the same time.

Bandit ‘s rear caliper overhaul.

I overhauled the rear brake because the free movement was extraordinarily large.

I prepared new parts.
It is considerable expenditure.
Cup of master cylinder,

I prepared also breeder nipple.

This is the Before.

The inside is damaged than I thought it was.It was nice to disassemble now.

The piston seems to be usable if I polish.
But, the inside of the caliper is full of powder.Is it rust of the aluminum?

Powder adhered also to the brake seal.

I dropped the powder that had occurred on the caliper side by scraping off it.But, some unevenness remained.
If the unevenness is the range that the rubber of the brakes seal can follow, there cannot be the leak.But brake fluid may leak out so as not to be able to follow it when a hollow of the corrosion is deep.
You are careful about decrease of fluid for a while and get on and must change a caliper if it decreases.It is OK if it does not decrease.
After polishing it with the No.1500 sandpaper, the piston did not have any problem at all.Because it is the one that this rubs, and moves, it is more important than the caliper side.

I polish the bearing part of the brake pedal with the No.400 sandpaper and make modifications.
This part also has a great influence on brake touch.
I apply chassis grease in an appropriate amount and set.

The hose used the mesh hose of the Swage Line.

Because the internal deterioration was intense than I thought,I was worried that I had to overhaul the front desk early.

Then Mr. Shishido came and get on it.Immediately after that he began to decompose suddenly saying that he would change the plug.Since there was a plug that matched exactly, it changed to a new one.
Thank you.
But, there are many things to remove until reaching the plug.Maintainability is quite bad.

When the condition of the carburetor is bad I got on a lot.As a result,It was in condition hard to ignite.
An effect of the exchange was great.
When it was a 3-cylinder part-time 4 cylinder,,, it became a full-time 4-cylinder.

But, it is troublesome to remodel my bike.A motorcycle of another person is good.