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Bandit ‘s rear caliper overhaul.

I overhauled the rear brake because the free movement was extraordinarily large.

I prepared new parts.
It is considerable expenditure.
Cup of master cylinder,

I prepared also breeder nipple.

This is the Before.

The inside is damaged than I thought it was.It was nice to disassemble now.

The piston seems to be usable if I polish.
But, the inside of the caliper is full of powder.Is it rust of the aluminum?

Powder adhered also to the brake seal.

I dropped the powder that had occurred on the caliper side by scraping off it.But, some unevenness remained.
If the unevenness is the range that the rubber of the brakes seal can follow, there cannot be the leak.But brake fluid may leak out so as not to be able to follow it when a hollow of the corrosion is deep.
You are careful about decrease of fluid for a while and get on and must change a caliper if it decreases.It is OK if it does not decrease.
After polishing it with the No.1500 sandpaper, the piston did not have any problem at all.Because it is the one that this rubs, and moves, it is more important than the caliper side.

I polish the bearing part of the brake pedal with the No.400 sandpaper and make modifications.
This part also has a great influence on brake touch.
I apply chassis grease in an appropriate amount and set.

The hose used the mesh hose of the Swage Line.

Because the internal deterioration was intense than I thought,I was worried that I had to overhaul the front desk early.

Then Mr. Shishido came and get on it.Immediately after that he began to decompose suddenly saying that he would change the plug.Since there was a plug that matched exactly, it changed to a new one.
Thank you.
But, there are many things to remove until reaching the plug.Maintainability is quite bad.

When the condition of the carburetor is bad I got on a lot.As a result,It was in condition hard to ignite.
An effect of the exchange was great.
When it was a 3-cylinder part-time 4 cylinder,,, it became a full-time 4-cylinder.

But, it is troublesome to remodel my bike.A motorcycle of another person is good.

This Bandit carburetor,it seems to be cursed.

As I examining variously,this Bandit carburetor,it seems to be cursed.
There is also the word “Bandit disease”.

Oh, my god!

I will clean up the disassembled carburetor and use new parts to assemble it.
I made packings and jets inside the float a brand new item.
Because diaphragm was not torn, I reuse it.
Since the needle had a little something like deterioration gasoline + some of the blue and green one,I polished with No. 1500 sandpaper.

The new packing has elasticity.

Just before finishing the assembly.
I found that packing of the drain of the float was cut.

I do not like to order genuine parts and wait, so I looked for something I could substitute.

I decided to process the crimped terminal.
At the moment of drilling through the first one,It became crumpled.It is a failure.
But I succeeded with the second one.
There is no leak.Copper is great.

Because the drain bolt is also rusted, I thought about passing the dice of M6 x P 1.0, but the pitch is different.
It is probably M6’s P0.8 or P0.5 details.So I decided to rub with a wire brush.

After that,I took the tuning.

For the time being it was possible to start with a single shot.
But, idling is not stable.

Although it can run without problems.Probably, at the time of idling, it is 3 cylinders.
I should have changed the oil seal of the throttle shaft.
Also, the O ring under the resin parts under the sleeve of the needle did not appear in parts list.
It seems to be a famous story.
When I looked for the Internet, the part number of the matching O ring was on it.It may be necessary to disassemble it once more and change it.

It seems that maintenance is not carried out around the brake, so we decided to carry out maintenance around the rear brake.

I ordered parts such as brake seals and mesh hoses.
The front has provided the engine to this vehicle ↓, there is gamma’s Don Gullah.

I would like to be an handstand double disk if possible.So I begin with the rear.
After maintenance of the rear brake is completed, next is the installation of the rear box.


I bought a bad condition Bandit.

I bought a bad condition Bandit.
I bought it for the ride.I got my bike after a long time.

It is very difficult to start the engine.
Even when engined, it blows black smoke.
So, I decided to disintegrate the carburetor.

First remove the tank.
I noticed that tank rubber was out of stock.First of all, I will order this.

After disassembling it is like this.
There is the trace that gasoline rotted.

I understood why the condition is bad.
This carburetor is attached to the block called main jet, slow jet, jet holder and can be taken independently.
↓ It is what I have with my hand.

The joint between the jet holder and the main body is rubber packing.
Naturally, if it deteriorates it sucks from the side.
It sucks a lot more than the amount weighed with the measuring jet.
I can also understand that it becomes thick and blows black smoke.

I was able to disassemble it all, so I will order the parts.
At the same time I ordered an air cleaner and an oil filter, so it took 17000 yen.
For now, the work of the carburetor is over.The rest is since the parts arrived.

Next, install the rear box (pannier case).
There is the thing which I bought before.
It is a large capacity type that can contain two helmets.

Such cases are designed to be screwed to the carrier.But this Bandit has no career, so I have to make it.
I will welding something to the tandem bar and make it a carrier.First of all, I removed the resin of the tandem bar.

I thought about processing KSR’s handle that was nearby to make it a carrier.Because it is too big, this is not usable.

I decided that I bend the iron pipe and make it.