Does anyone know whether next SR400 has self starter?

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Does anyone know whether next SR400 has self starter?

Many models become the discontinuance of production by an emission regulation in 2016.
Meanwhile, SR400 of Yamaha stops production once, and Yamaha says it will respond to regulations and revival it.
How will be the SR after the model change?

We produced a dry clutch of SR400.

At that time, I measured the distance between the axes of the latch cover and mission shaft.
So, there are detailed dimension data like this.↓

SR400 dry clutch cover
by Shinya.Araki
on Sketchfab

The next intends to attach self starter.
But, if it is equipped as default in the next SR, it will end with labor.

Does anyone know it?
Please tell me.


Araki F Machine seriously introduced technology and made it.
It’s all made with cutting of the aluminum.
It’s extremely mechanical ballpoint pen, MechaSEA.
Tap the image or jump to the sales page by clicking.↓↓↓

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