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SOFTBANK seems to perform consulting of an investment in Uber.

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If automatic driving is possible, try to inflate the imagination with that assumption.
Not only will the driver’s work disappear but the following things will happen.

How do you think?

●An external automatic driving kit made in China is sold in Yahoo Auctions at a low price.

●We become able to do shopping in truck itself for product supplement of the convenience store.
And it runs all over the place and when you buy things with a smartphone it will be able to deliver it immediately.
Or an Amazon ‘s car is running all over the place and it will come to bring things at the same time as clicking.

●We do not need a driver’s license.

●Physical store decreases, so as long as there is no special thing, it will be about to shop on mail order.

●Because we do not drive a car by oneself and do not own it, we lose interest in a car.
A feeling similar to the feeling for the train of “the person who does not like a train.”

●As a result of the fact that everyone is no longer interested in cars, the number of models decreases greatly.
As a result of the decrease in the number of models, it is possible to make profitable even by making large equipment and making maintenance possible automatically by the factory where the new car is being produced.
Then the maintenance factory of the existing type decrease very much now.

●When the maintenance time comes, the car goes to the maintenance factory himself, receives maintenance and comes home.

●Once a good model is released with a full model change, it becomes a long life model that is not a ratio of Rover Mini, VW Beetle, Ford Model T.
Because anyone is not interested in performance and a design.
And it will be necessary to rebuild the fully automatic maintenance factory.

●Separately from the city currently developing, a suddenly developing place appears.
If we can drive automatically, probably we should be able to live a convenient life all right in the remote place.

●When trying to use an automated driving car for a date car, unlike existing public transportation, the history of automated driving cars remains entirely.
The car which is not left of the history is necessary for a date car after all.
When young we will want to ride a car to drive by oneself.

●The charm of the man decreases.
When there was only a manual car, the person who was good at the driving of the car was cool.