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Motra inner tube regeneration CD50 diversion method.

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Because of the rare motorcycle, motorcycle that supply of genuine parts has ceased, Motra.
If the inner tube of the front fork rusts, there is no genuine parts, so I will be in trouble.
But, since it has the same diameter as the inner tube of the BenlyCD50, it can be diverted if it is shortened by processing it.
Benly’s fork part number is 51410-198-003.

Collar can be produced by me, but it is also possible to buy it in MISUMI.
The part number is FWS-D17-V12-T7.

And I say that I repair it all the time, but there is Motra becoming as it is.

I wanted to paint it red and make it Motra for Char. But, I have not achieved that dream yet.
It is the thing which does not readily advance even if I have time at my company.
I already bought GROM size grip tires and 12 inch aluminum wheels.
I have to seriously have to finish all the projects that have accumulated.