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I make a Bimota SB6 Replica from Suzuki GAG. Create 3D data from photograph. Even tractors behind…

Old post share.

Last time, I tried experimenting to see if I can 3D scan by putting up the assembled used frame out.

But today is good weather. I lose a motivation of the work.
And the chirping of the birds.
Why do they need to keep chirping every year?
I don’t know why.

Mr. Kikawa is doing the chassis production project.
And I (Araki) writes a blog.

I have not heard anything about what software to use about this, but the software to use seems to be this. ↓
Since it is an English site, what I translated into Japanese by Google translation is here.

This software, it seems that beta version was available for free a while under the name “Mement” a while ago.
But, it seems now that it became “Remake” and became a product version.
To use the Japanese version, it is 5400 yen per month, 49680 yen per year.
The free trial period is one month.
But, there seems to be a free version in the English version. (← Maybe he used this?)

This is a software to create a 3D model from the photograph of the target object.
But, of course it cannot understand unevenness with one piece of photograph.
So, I will shoot a lot of photographs with slightly different shooting angles.
In this way.↑
And upload the photographs to the cloud and process it to 3D.
I do not know what kind of processing is being done, but wait for a certain time, 3D data will be generated. (It was about 10 minutes this time.)
If you do not want to use the cloud, you can install it on your own personal computer and do 3D processing.
But, it is considerable high spec when I watch recommended specifications. (Click here)

I translated it with Google translation.
Recommended requirements
64 bit Microsoft® Windows® 7 or later
128GB system RAM
NVMe PCIe SSD, 100GB of free space
Nvidia GFX card:
• One or more Quadro M6000 cards or
• One GeForce Titan X with 12 GB VRAM
Multiple Xeon processors

The memory of 128 giga will be impossible.
Quadro M6000 graphic board alone will cost around 600,000 yen.

The tractor at the back was also made into 3D together.↑

I was surprised at being colored. The texture is attached to it, too.

When it is screenshot, it looks like only a common photograph. So it’s a video. ↓

Although the swing arm and the shadow portion of the frame are not well removed, it is enough as an experiment.
When removing the texture, it is connecting the points with a triangle.
It looks like a Virtua Fighter.
The dimensions seem to be automatically fixed at a value entirely different from the real thing.
In order to match the dimensions with the real thing it has to be enlarged or reduced.

I was able to migrate the data to CAD (FUSION360) and deploy it.
This time, because it is an frame of autobike, it is left-right symmetrical.
If there is one side, I photographed only the right side because I make a mirror copy by CAD.
So, the left side of the model is missing.

If I take a picture that Remake can handle easily, it can increase the accuracy of the model.
So when actually doing, it seems to introduce it along with how to use detailed software. (This scan is like the experiment.)
This is knowledge obtained by taking pictures, waiting for uploading, checking the result, shooting again, and spending tremendous effort.
But, it seems to be open to the public generously.

When I am urinating I found four leaf clover underfoot.
I seem to have possibilities to be lucky.

I make a Bimota SB6 Replica from Suzuki GAG. I restore the parts in the air.

Old post share.

Last time I calculated each dimension from a photograph and drew a figure it.

The parts that I currently have the real thing is a used frame and a used swing arm and a used cowl.

If I can assemble it according to this drawing in the air, I scan it and can get 3D model.
Even if we say scan, software is evolving, so I just shoot with a digital camera.

As a means to support the frame in the air without tire or wheel, I decided to make a stand.
I use aluminum frame, well known to those working in technical field.
MISUMI and SUS are famous.

Basically the aluminum frame is cut and sold.
The end of the part number is the length and it is supposed to be able to order by designating the length as it is. For example SFF-304-L600.
When I order it, the processed aluminum frame arrives with considerable short delivery time.

In case of SUS, it is convenient because it sticks a seal of part number one by one to the frame.
But, time to remove it is necessary.

Orthogonal angle and mounting bolt nut etc are all standardized and use it to connect this.
It is easy to assemble with screw clamp only.
The amount of money is cheap, too.
It is one aluminum frame, several hundred yen.
Even the longest extruded material is about 1000 yen.
I buy it a lot and assemble it.

Support rear axle shaft, a swing arm pivot, a three-pronged part and become independent.
I fix it while looking at the clearance of each parts and the overall balance.

I tried to try it, but it is the width of the shoulder that reminds me of Kawasaki ZX-10.
B6 was manufactured in 1994 – 1998 years.
ZX-10 was manufactured in 1988 – 1990 years.
I felt quality of being 90s.
A Bimota does not have a feeling of building materials unlike ZX-10.

The motorcycle at that time, which is big and heavy and makes a rough sound, is nostalgic.

After that,I attach a cowl, a tank, a seat , and it is a 3D scan!