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SR500 from big turbo SR400, the production of the cover of the dry clutch.

After all, since it was decided to exhibit at the Osaka Motorcycle Show 2017 with a turbine attached to the SR 500 of the carburetor equipped with a dry clutch,I made remodeling around the dry clutch.

I changed the rusting pressure plate bolt to product made in stainless steel.

Because there was no cover on the clutch and I was hitting my shoes, I made a cover.

It is completed but there is no screw of good length.Let’s go to Benizen for buying tomorrow.


Big Turbo SR 400, eventually to sacrifice of moving SR 500.

I bought a very large turbine at the request of Mr. Kikawa in order to make a turbo SR 400 at the Osaka Motorcycle Show 2017 and to exhibit it.

At first,”Since recent bikes are injections, since the fuel is pressurized by default compared to the carburetor, it is easy to turbo, so we will use the injection SR for the base car.”We were saying so.
I was going to remodel the injection SR ↓ of this no vehicle inspection,it is troublesome because there are various normal parts.First of all, we have no time.

After all, running properly, there is still a vehicle inspection  ↓ It was decided to remodel the SR500 dry type of this carburetor.

Injection 400 has already started working on a dry clutch …
It is difficult to make a dry type because NC has been fully operated in the production of ballpoint pens.

One more thing, a decent motorcycle may become a Immovable car.
Mr. Kikawa is in charge of turbo.
Araki is in charge of dry clutch.