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Carry a dry SR to Highslot

Yassi seems to go to Fukui ‘s event, Highslot.Yassi had Popo and a dry type SR 500 carried.I wanted to show it to everyone.

Have a good time!

This is Popo.It is an unusual fruit.

By the way, this SR 500 was originally a Yassi’s

The production movie of the dry clutch is here.
It is only my company in Japan that can create SR dry clutch new.Maybe.

Here is the article when the dry clutch is completed.

SR 400, 500 dry clutch, improvement result of release

This is a part pushed by the rod when turn off the clutch.By grasping the clutch lever, this floats the plate of the clutch via wires, arms, rods, etc.

The beginning I was making it at 45C crude,because it was dented like the one below, the material was changed to the quenched item of SKS 3. On the photo.

The effect is remarkable.Quenching is fire and oil quenching using our acetylene burner in the our company,It is being quenched properly.

I did not do any quenching temperature control,after hardening it rubs with a file and check the hardness, so there is no problem in practical use.