Monthly Archives: May 2016

SR 400, 500 dry clutch,Very good condition.

After improving various things, it is a dry clutch that is feeling very good.
Because it became the specification that can be sold, I ordered the material for 3 sets.
However, in order to sell the kit, you have to order the case with a casting.It is  difficult.
And,It is cheaper to handle it with additional processing as it is possible to use the original parts.clutch basket, primary gear, clutch cover, etc.

So for the time being,
● Sales of vehicles incorporating this
● Keep the vehicle and process it
I would like to additional machining normal parts in this way and sell it.

Because,the maintenance business shrank,When we start selling, we will not accept acceptance of processing requests from individual customers directly.
I would like to accept it via a shop somewhere.

Production movie is here.