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On SR400 November 1, 2015 I participated in the Meihan Sportsland Mota GP.

I participated Mota GP with SR 400.On the way,motard has a soil road and a jump.
It is detailed in here →Explanation of Wikipedia’s motard

Because the up muffler I was ordering did not arrive,As a megaphone muffler of Peyton Place,We just joined by removing the winkers etc.

Although the car body is basically normal,Only the wheel is made into 17 inches using Excel rim.(Normal of SR 400 is 18 inches)

The thickness is 3.00 before and 4.00 after.

The tire is Dunlop α-13

Front 110 / 70R
Rear 150 / 70R

I changed the oil the day before and wire locked up.

Because it rubs the muffler,Only the bank angle on the right became very shallow and I had a hard time.

Since the muffler band was rubbing first,I flipped the band’s screws and took it to the upper one.
Latter half, I got a little better with this.

(↑This is a photo of a present from sugijun.Thank you for offering.)
I think that this SR will be improved little by little,
・Mounting of up muffler
・Resolve a  sheet with slippery by replacement
・Resolve rear brake with lots of play
・Mounting of hand guard
I think that it will be a start after the end of the Osaka Motorcycle Show in March.

This time, I participated together Mr.Sugimoto (older brother), but,
An accident happened in 2009. At that time, Mr.Shishido’s DR 250 has revived the miracle after welding.He took over the DR 250 and got on the DR 250.

That’s nostalgic.

But,I enjoyed it because I did not run the circuit for a long time.