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I am going to participate Mota GP tomorrow, but …

I am planning to participate in the Mota GP to be held in Meihan tomorrow, but ,The official site is here. Or here.

I am now changing oil, removing safety part, wire locking.

However, the up muffler I ordered at the beginning of the week has not come yet.
Not just to install,Since it is necessary to weld the take out of the O2 sensor,It is dangerous in time.

I have been excited because I have not participated in the race for a long time.

I wonder if I can run on the soil with SR 400 …

SR400, oil seal exchange at the place of the flywheel

I went to Naoyan ‘s house to see the SR of Naoyan.I also got on the SR.↑↑

Although this SR 500 has been exhibited at Yahoo auction, I am riding about once a week in order to check if there is a problem in maintenance and trouble.

Oh, there was. This is Naoyan ‘s SR ↓.I will exchange the oil seal on the flywheel side of the crank today. Because it is leaking.

By the way, I also exchanged my SR500. Because it was leaking.

First of all, I have bad news before changing the oil seal.

I heard that the male screw coming out of the crank here was overtightened, thinking it was a reverse screw.It is common in SR that we break this screw.

We have establish a countermeasure method.Cut the male screw on the crank side,Tap off,Make it a female screw,I will stop it with bolts.

It is a transsexual surgery in human terms.

In this way, take the oil seal.

Push in a thin screwdriver.Privately, PB’s 0 minus is ◎.

Way of taking an oil seal here,There are other theories, such as removing with a tapping screw,I think that this method is better.

I was able to remove it.Surprisingly there is a crankside bearing just beyond the oil seal.Near.

I Insert a new seal, but because the diameter of the seal is big, it is best to put it in “finger power”.On the contrary, if you try to insert it with a large iron cylinder or the like, it will be inclined.It moves straight in a tilted state.

Exchange completed.

Combine coils

We assembled a flywheel and tightened the screws. No torque is Hang.

It is necessary to tap off.

It was already dark when I came home.The temperature has gradually declined.Cold.