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I make SR400 of RH03J type made into 17 inches tubeless with OUTEX kit.

Before swinging out, I was exchanging bearings.
It did not have the abnormality, but changed it because I disassembled.

I take the oil seal and weld an iron bar.
This clamp is for temporary fixation.

The welding ground was attached to the brake bolt.

I attach a iron rod by welding and can remove it when I tapping it from the opposite.

If I remove the rubber seal of the bearing,I can weld more beautifully.

If I can remove one side, I can easily remove it because I will be able to hit the opposite.

If I can remove both, I will put a new bearing.
If I hit only the inner ring, the load will be applied to the ball, so I will hit the outer ring or the whole as a whole.
In this way I put both bearings.

Parts number of the bearing.
6303LLU C3. Quantity 2.
I used the general-purpose NTN made bearings instead of genuine parts.

Parts number of oil seal.
93106-28023. Quantity 1.
93105-45017. Quantity 1.

After this I will take a runout and make it tubeless with OUTEX ‘s tubeless kit.

It is completed by attaching the tire.

The front tire is 110 / 70R Dunlop α – 13 SPORTMAX.
The maker parts number is 304541.

The rim width is 3.00.
I made the rotor bolt new. Parts number 90111 – 08003. Quantity 6.
The front does not interfere with the car body in particular.


In a spoke made in NEXXS, I change SR400 of the RH03J type to 17 inches.

Buddhist vacation of one month ago, I was doing this.

I changed the SR 500 to 17 inches in the past, but I feel comfortable in the corner and it is very good condition.
It can tilt the motorcycle until rubbing a step.

So, I bought rims and hubs before.

The rim width of the front is 3.00.
It can choose the color among gold, silver, black, four colors of the blue.

I have SR 400 of type RH03J now. I will give its front around to a friend.
So there is no wheel.
During the Buddhist holidays, I decided to assemble this 17 inch wheel.

The hub buys used goods and I do sandblast and paint it.
Since the hubs after RH01J are common, it is circulating a lot.

When the SR makes 17 inches because originally it is 18 inches, a spoke is too long.
So I use spoke made in NEXXS, part number SPF-Y02.

There are two kinds of spokes in the spoke set of NEXXS.
It is in each bag written as outer and inner.
It is different in length.

But, it is not divided into an inner hole and an outer hole.
Actually, it is the right and the left.
Use short spokes on the disk side and long spokes on the opposite side.

You think that it looks faint in the photograph, but I mark it with magic so that they can distinguish at a glance.

Front wheel temporarily tightens all spokes with twist tie and then put it on the rim.
This is incorrect way of braiding, but temporarily holds all the spokes like this in this way.

Finally, please temporarily fasten like this.
It is cross beyond the four spokes.
At that time, the outer hole is top.

And I will take a shake off.

If the runout is 1 mm or less, it is OK.
Because a rim and a spoke are new, it is easy because it became less than approximately 1mm from the beginning.
I will tighten little by little while watching the runout until the spoke becomes good tension.

The indication of the speedometer slips off when it becomes 17 inches from 18 inches because the outer diameter of the tire changes.
This will be solved by using meter gear for XJR 400.

Since I bought used goods this time, I washed it with a brake cleaner and put plenty of grease.
I examined, the product number of Yamaha genuine parts was 4HM-25190-00, the list price was 5389 yen.
Next time, I intend to buy a new item to see if it fits.