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Bandit 250 engine, valve timing alignment

After assembling around the valve, adjust the valve timing.
Crank timing can be seen by removing the right side cover.

Adjust this to the location of the top dead center mark.

The cam side, align the line engraved on the cam with the joint of the head.

And I will tighten the cam holder.
However, if the cam chain tensioner remains loosened, the cam chain will come off the cam gear.So, tighten a little bit and tension the cam chain tensioner.
I did not know that we had to tighten the cam holder while tensioning the cam chain tensioner.So, I have spent time idly again.
When I finished tightening the cam holder, a timing was crazy for some reason!

However, although there were twists and turns, it was completed.
There are things of only in-line 4 cylinders.It can blow well up to the top.