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Bandit 250 engine, piston rings do not fit

The cylinder was completed.
I have assembled a piston ring on the piston and assembled a piston on the connecting rod.
I try to put a piston in the cylinder, but it does not fit in.

This piston ring is tight with tension.It protrude from the ring groove by default.

I cut empty cans and made it a piston ring compressor.

But the cans are also fit together and it will not fit in.
I used an aluminum can, but it is thin.
It might have been successful if it was a thick can, such as a spray can.

The piston ring compressor I have can not be used dimensionally.

I polished the chamfering of the skirt of the sleeve smoothly, but there is no effect.

I decided to put in a piston first.

Oh my god!
Piston pin can not be passed through.
Also the liquid gasket has dried up.

A full day passed just to put a piston.
I want you to return the time.

Bandit 250 engine, I carve the escape of the intake valve

Since the escape of the intake valve is carved in the upper part of the cylinder, I made it with leutor.
The left side is the genuine cylinder, the right is the self made cylinder.(It is a photo on the way of carving.)

I tried putting a piston.


I also confirmed the rattling feeling at this point, but there is no rattling feeling.
It was rattling when it was an old cylinder.
It’s a really nice feeling.