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Bandit 250, overhaul around the front (Part 2)

It is exchange of wheel bearing.
Pull out with such a special tool.

But, since I bought a TIG, I often weld iron bars and pull out them out by hitting them with a long stick from the inside.

If one side is pulled out, the other side can come off easily.
And, I hit a new bearing and put it in.

One side is gone.It went somewhere.
This day was New Year’s Eve.
I was in great trouble.And I went to Benizen and it was open there.Moreover, there was inventory there.
Benizen is very reliable at such time.

I could assemble it before I passed the year.

In addition, I replaced the reused brake seal with a new one.
By removing the piston, since the fluid came out, I did air vent again.


I got on Bandit, but it became silky.It is very comfortable.
It is also effective to change the oil to 12.5.
The brakes front came to react early.

There is momentum too much and, I forgot to attach a side cover.

When overhaul around the suspension,It is very good that ride comfort changes dramatically.
It is the best.

Bandit 250, overhaul around the front

I assembled it because the seal arrived.

Just looking at the new inner tube holds expectation.

The internal spring and color are carefully cleaned, are assembled.
It is most safe to wash immediately before assembling.

The viscosity of the fork oil blended 10 and 15 and had 12.5.
It was okay to put only 15 and make it 15.But, I decided to use it because 10 oil remained.
This is a picture before I throw away the weighing container.I use the measuring cup of paint made by MonotaRO.

I overhaul the fork and also exchange stem bearings.

It does not seem to be in a so bad condition.
This is an outer race that I removed.

There was a little line on the upper side.
The stem is the condition that is bad for bearing.It is fixed at the same angle and receives vibration there.
If it is rotating, the grease is repeatedly painted by the needle and cage, and the oil film is regenerated.But, when an angle is fixed, an oil film is cut, and metal comes into contact.
Surprisingly, metals are floating on the oil film.In a state called elastic lubrication or boundary lubrication.

It seems to call it fretting wear.It seem to be able to restrain it by the choice of the grease.
If I examine it, there is each maker various grease.
The grease which the bearing maker sells is probably safe.So because they tested it.
There was the maker which sold in 180 kg of units.I cannot use all it.

I will exchange it for a new bearing.
I bought NSK’s HR32005XJ and HR32006XJ.
This is not genuine parts are generic products.Because though it is the same thing, it is cheap.

I restored it so far.