Monthly Archives: December 2014

Bandit 250 front fork overhaul.

When it comes to an old bike, it is the point rust of the inner tube of the front fork that can be said as fate.
Fork oil leaks by scraping the seal with rust.

Also in this vehicle one fork was leaking.
I got lost, but I bought an inner tube.It was very expensive.
The new item is shiny and beautiful.

I also exchange wheel bearings and stem bearings.
This is not a genuine parts, bought a general-purpose part.Wheel bearing bought a C3 clearance.
I will also exchange the seal on the front caliper.I overhauled all of the caliper and master.But I forgot to order only one.I will disassemble it once more.
The inside of the caliper was quite rusty.But, as of now there is no leak of fluids.

There are quite a lot of parts to replace.

I will remove the wheel and pull out the fork.

I will remove the bottom bolt.

And remove the oil.Pretty black oil came out.

After removing the oil, such parts come out when they separate an inner tube and an outer tube.

I will also change all the internal parts.

I knock on metal, using old metal.

I intended to put a seal next.But I noticed that I had forgotten to order.

I will leave it as it is until the parts arrive.