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SR500, Check the safety related parts

This motorcycle has no horn.
So I attached a horn that was nearby.

I branch the wiring from +12 V nearby.

The switch is the kill switch that was on that side.
I turn the adjusting screw attached to the horn and set it to the place where the biggest sound is heard.

I feel that the sound is small even if I adjust it.

I think that it corresponded to the vehicle inspection by this.
If an exhaust sound is too loud, it is necessary to take measures such as replacing the muffler.

I bring down a motorcycle from the bike stands and tried test run in the premises.
Unlike 400, the 500 is fairly fast, even though it is a single cylinder.
That is interesting.
It is fast that it is different by 100 cc.

If I do not ride a motorcycle a little more, I do not understand the effect that changed the tire to 17 inches.

SR 500 engine start.

Since there was no wiring to go to the front brake, I will add it.
This motorcycle has no starter and is not much different from motorized bicycle.
It is done a custom and it is a battery-less, so it is a bit hard to understand.
The wiring of the SR is very simple.

I wind up a harness tape on this.

I attach a tank.

I exchange an oil filter.
But, originally the oil filter which there was is clean, and I am the feeling that suffered some losses.

I will exchange the oil.

It is finally starting.

I changed the oil seal on the flywheel side before, but it will be OK as it did not leak at the moment.

I exchanged the grip.
I like genuine of TZM personally.It does not slip, and the durability is good, too.
But, I attached super bike grips because I did not have it now.

Will the automobile inspection pass?
I noticed that no horn was attached.