Monthly Archives: October 2014

Gasoline from Bandit’s second cylinder …

I thought about painting a wheel hub of the SR in black.At that time, Bandit ‘s center stand entered my eyes.
It is very rusty.

It hurts scenery remarkably.

Because I removed it, I thought about I do sandblast and paint it.But, it turned out that the center stand can not be taken unless the muffler is removed.
Oh my god.
Because I had already started work, I took the muffler.
When I look inside the exhaust port, something is wet.

I felt like a gasoline when I touched it with a finger and smell it.Probably, the second carburetor seems to overflow.
I ordered one float valve first of all.In addition I ordered a spring of the center stand that was very rusty.

Bandit 250 front brake overhaul.

When I overhauled the rear brake before, it was pretty damaged.
So, I decided to overhaul the front as soon as possible.
Work starts at midnight.

I attached a mesh hose also at the front desk.

Although the inside of the caliper is not as much as the rear,there was powder also at the front desk.

I politely dropped the powder, polished the piston with No. 2000 sandpaper and thought about making the piston seal a brand new one.
But, I noticed that I forgot to order one side, I reused only one side.

I exchanged the cup for the master cylinder, and because the movement of the lever was bad, I grease up and assembled it.

I obtained brakes full of controllability.
The mesh hose is good.

Bandit’s genuine caliper is one-push two pod.There are a lot of play of the brake when compared to the opposed 4 pods.
Well, Bandit is enough for this.