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Y’s Gear’s Disk Kit, this is the best.

Disc kit for SR400/500 of Y’s Gear arrived.
It is gorgeous set contents.
It is an impression given a big toy for.
I tore a box and opened it.

Fork assy, caliper, master, brake rotor, meter gear, brake hose, screws related to it are also included.
It is awesome set contents.
How much will it cost if I purchase genuine parts in pieces?
It is certain that it exceeds 100,000 yen.
Perhaps it’s cheaper than being arrange in second hand.
Since it is brand new, there is no possibility that minor troubles will come out later.

76,000 yen is expensive but cheap.

In addition to the parts, the installation manual and the paper with the way to change the structure at the Land Transport Bureau are packed together.

Let’s paint and assemble it.

I change the SR 500 from 19 inches to 17 inches once again. part 2

A continuance of work continuing from the last time.
I change SR500 to 17 inches.

Originally, the H-rim 19 inch of the initial SR was fitted with Brembo’s large diameter disk.
Incidentally, it is 18 inches after the early days.

I hang it from the H steel of the ceiling and pull out a fork.

I also put a jack under the engine.
I made it fail-safe for when the string came off.

Because the new outer tube (although it is a used item) is the painting,peel off the clear with a release agent.
A genuine product seems to have painted clear on an aluminum base.
But, the second-hand goods, scratches are included while the former owner is using it.
In that condition it may shrink when painting from the top.
So, I need to exfoliate the paint or do sandblasting.
This time, I decided to exfoliate with a release agent.

I think I make another set 17 inch, disc brake suspension.
So I exfoliated three of them of one right and left + one in total.

The caliper has already ended the overhaul.
I wanted to use Brembo, but I will use genuine parts for the time being.

↓It is the parts which came out of the used advanced age-type fork which took the outer tube.
It is still beautiful and can be used.

I thought that the inner tube used the thing attached to this SR 500, and to change only outer only to an elderly type.
However, since the inner tube attached to this had point rust, I decided to buy Y’s Gear’s disk kit.
Actually, I do not know whether the inner tube of the low year type and the outer tube of the elderly type fit.

One side of the inner tube is 17,712 yen.
One side of the whole fork is 36,720 yen.
Both the caliper and the inner tube are new. And there are a meter gear and the master, and 76,000 yen is cheap.

During the work that I changed to 17 inches, I discovered an oil leak.
The cause seems to be behind the flywheel.
I think I want to exchange from the outside without disassembling the engine.