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Because I made a mistake in assembling 17 inch wheel spokes …

I assembled a spoke and let I did getting out core and it was tubeless and did it and wear the tire.
But, since I mistook the way to assemble the spokes, I will redo it.

First of all, I tear off a tubeless kit.
With the photograph, I warm it in heat gun.But, I noticed that I said that it was the same even if I didwarm not it even if I warmed it.

Then I assembled it.
But, it is a redo because it was long.

I stopped the spoke with masking tape and put it in.

And I noticed the mistake and disassembled.

Next I stopped it with vinyl tie.

This time it succeeded.

Afterwards I let it make centering and stick a tubeless kit of OUTEX and wear a tire.
And complete it by attaching it to the car body.