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New item. Root blower type supercharger for motorcycles.

In the world, it is the era of injection.
Even SR400 has become injection.
By the way !
There is the thing which became comfortable drastically in comparison with the carburetor era.
It is supercharge.
The carburetor makes gasoline fog by flow velocity and negative pressure.But, when I install a supercharger before a carburetor and pressure it, gasoline does not go down from a tank by the gravity and I do not know how to set the setting.
If a carburetor is installed in front of the supercharger, that problem can be avoided, but gasoline evaporates at an early stage, filling efficiency gets worse and power does not come out.

But,, in injection, fuel is pressurized from the beginning, various sensors are attached, and few productions and it’s easy.
And it has nothing to do with car inspection.

So I intend to make a supercharger kit for SR400 in the future.
But, I already purchased the supercharger itself.
It is expensive.It cannot be helped.Unless someone sells it, it will remain expensive forever.

It is a 200 cc Roots blower with 1 revolution.
Weight is about 4.5 kg.

This is with an electromagnetic clutch.

This is without electromagnetic clutch.

Completion of the kit for SR 400 is still ahead.
But, since it can be sold with this blower alone, I would like to release it as a new product as soon as possible.

The SR which exhibited to Motorcycle Show 2014.

2014/05/03 postscript.
The brake torque rod is recessed.

I made this 17 inches.
But, it went back up to 18 inches because it was a borrowed thing.

It is the spec of the tire and rim when it put out to the Motorcycle Show.↓↓↓

Front rim Excel made 17 inch width 3.00 tire 110 / 70R Dunlop α – 13 SPORTMAX
Rear rim Excel made 17 inch width 4.00 tires 140 / 70R Dunlop α – 13 SPORTMAX

The clearance relationship with the car body,

The gap with the tire with the torque rod of brakes of the rear was near.
In this way, barely dodged.
I am not running with it, but may run though probably I rub it with a tire.
In case of rubbing, I think that it will be fine if the torque rod is offset several millimeters.

The front got a wrong how to compose of the spoke, and the position of the center slipped off.
Since I had no time, I exhibited for a show as it is.
But, this will be all right by no processing because it entered in the width of the fork.

So changing to 17 inches can be done without much processing.It was such a result.
Also, although I did not know, the position of the hole in the fork’s caliper attachment is different from before the drum brake (before 2001) and thereafter.
It seems common sense among those who customize SR.
I bought a caliper since 2001, but it was a difficulty because I could not attach it.

It was such a feeling.

The SR became high price of new car after injection specification.
But, recently depreciation of production facilities has progressed or cheaper.
If unfinished work is settled, I think that I will purchase a new car and customize it.