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Change SR 400 to 17 inches. Assemble the spokes.

After the painting of the hub is over.
I will assemble the spokes for the 17 inch rim made by NEXXS.
To be honest, I am the first time to assemble spokes.It is difficult.

I assemble 5-6 times and disassemble and am completed somehow.

Once the spokes are assembled, the centering will be adjusted next.

When that is over, paste the tape of the OUTEX made tubeless kit and make it tubeless.
But, I forgot to take the photograph.
This is a video in the sites of OUTEX.↓↓↓

Osaka Motorcycle Show.Preparation is not in time.

The vehicle exhibiting at the Osaka Motorcycle Show is a yellow motorcycle in this video.
TZM 250 Γ.

It and SR 400.
SR 400,
・Dry clutch
・Radial caliper installation
・Make it 17 inches
・Make seat cowl if possible

With this content I was planning to custom.
However, as employees no longer existed, I was the only one, so I could not do anything if I was dealing with the remaining work.

This is the situation that is not good.
・Work related to production equipment
・Motorcycle, car general maintenance
・Motorcycle, car, used car sale
I decided to quit this or refuse customers for the first time.

Future work will,
・Motorcycle, heavy custom of the car
・An interesting experiment
・Araki F machine products development, production and sale
I concentrate power on these.

But, Heavy Custom and an amusing experiment are not for making a profit with it, but position it as an advertisement expenditure.
I do not spend the cost of advertising expenses for magazines, I use it to make a blog story .

And, SR.
Since I do not have time, I will only change to 17 inches.

First of all, sand blast the hub taken from the part removing car.↑As can be seen, it is rust rust.
It’s been a long time since I used sandblasting seriously.
The sand blaster has also become old.

I look inside through this window and spray sand on the workpiece.
But, it is clouded and sees nothing.
I decided to look with the eyes of the heart.

Because sand used for a long time without replacing it, it is atomized and can not be shaved at all.
So I buy sand of #36 of alumina at MonotaRO and spend it.
I was able to surprisingly sharpen it.

I forgot to take a photograph after blast.And painted.
One without surfacer (undercoating paint) is hard to come off in a frame-related part.So I do not use surfacer this time .
It is a adequate finish.

The next assembles a spoke for the first time.