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Change SR 400 tire to 17 inches

The very old SR 400 tire is 19 inches.The thing except it is 18 inches.
However, there are not many high grip tires if it is as it is.

So I decided to change it to 17 inches.
I bought EXCEL rim.The width made width same as WR250X.
Let’s avoid it in offset sprockets if a chain hits it.

Rims are not stocked by manufacturers,and it seems to become build-to-order manufacturing.
The angle of the spoke hole is different for each car model.
So when I placed an order, it was for SR400, and 17 inches, the width were how much, and the color was a feeling to say with black.
It is from two weeks to one month on delivery date.

The spoke uses the product made in Nexxs.
On the left is OUTEX ‘s tubeless kit.
It seems OK with butyl rubber tape, but I bought a tubeless.
This is for WR 250X according to the rim width.I would like to make it tubeless in this.

The amount of money was unexpectedly cheap.
It can be thought that I can purchase used cars and make them 17 inches and wear high grip tires and sell it.

However, I will stop accepting custom inch down.
While a person to tell to want to wear a very big tire appears and does a meeting and an estimate, it is in the deficit.Because it seems to become the low profit pattern in this way.

I am planning to exhibit this vehicle at the Osaka Motorcycle Show.

But may need more time.
I have machining and a design, a request of the welding, and there is not time to do it.

The economy is getting better.

I think trying to complete a dry clutch.

The image of the whole vehicle wants to make a neo-classic cafe racer such as Norton Commando 961.
To the cafe racer of the single cylinder.