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Will the radial caliper be attached to the SR400 fork?

Will the radial caliper be attached to the SR400 fork?
I tried cutting the outer tube of the right fork to confirm that.

The result is an ordinary fork.

What I’m thinking to install is Brembo’s 20.8343.21.
The price of it is about 22000 yen.

The inside is made in this way.

I sharpen the whole part where at the bottom axle shaft is sticking out and what I integrated with caliper ‘s support.
Next, cut the screws to the outside of the outer tube.
And, if I paint the LOCTITE and screw it in, it is OK.

After that, I tried taking upper oil seals and metal.
However, it was rusted and sticking and could not be removed at all.

I used the time in unexpected places.

SR 400 to exhibit at motorcycle show 2014

Happy New Year.
I look forward to your continued good will in the coming year.

Actually, last year at the end of the year, two employees left the company.
So I became alone.
I have not heard of any particular reason, but I did not quarrel.
After all, I think that it is the reason why the company is too small and the future is uneasy.
Even I alone is Araki F machine.

So at the end of the year I was busy with work and chores.And since I was tired, I feel sleepy during New year and New Year holidays.
I have been sleeping for more than 10 hours continuously for three days, I am still sleepy.
I sleep too much,have a pain in a waist.
And the left lower eyelid has been cramping all the time.

The big event in the first half of this year is Osaka Motorcycle Show 2014.

I decided to exhibit 2 units with a momentum, so it is hard work.
One is TZM250γ which I already delivered to a customer. I borrow this from a customer.

Another one is SR400.I make it from now on.

I would like to make that SR 400 fitted with custom parts manufactured by our company.
Parts attached to this can be purchased from Araki F machine.I would like to do like this.

I want to make the image of the whole vehicle a neo-classical steampunk cafe racer.

The thing which I must produce,

I have been making dry clutches for years, but it has not been completed yet. So,
・Dry clutch

・Brembo’s radial caliper installation aiming at improving brake performance.

・If it is possible, I change to 17 inches.
(SR is originally 18 inches or 19 inches.)

・Production of seat cowl.
I was thinking of asking a friend to make this.However, when I asked for an estimate, it is  a bit pricey.Therefore I think that it becomes made by aluminum sheet metal.
I do not produce it if I judge that I am not in time for a due date.

I intend to challenge motorcycle show 2014 for such a feeling.