Monthly Archives: January 2013

SR 400 dry clutch, I dug a hole.

SR400 dry clutch, work stopped for several years.
However, I got everyone’s encouragement comments, I was thought criticized in this ruler ↓.

So I advanced it.
I sew a clutch cover on jig and dig out the middle.

Because it was the program that I wrote very before, I processed it while feeling scared.

When I take a photograph, I can not photograph the inside unless I open half of the doors of the NC.So I open the door half and process it.
So, cutting oil splashes a lot here.
Though he did not notice because photographed, it was splashes to his foot a lot.
I moved to the position that was not dirty and watched him for a while.
And I thought about standing the box in front of the door of NC.

It securely prevented cutting oil.

However, when NC finally returned to the origin I had forgotten to remove the box.
I lost one box.

It became like this.
The next welds a block of the aluminum here.And process it with this machine again and make a place to enter the oil seal.