Monthly Archives: January 2012

SR400 dry clutch,I can resume soon.

It is a dry clutch of SR 400 that will interrupt without mercy because it is not a job that is receiving requests from customers.
It seems likely to be able to resume because the installation of the truck container and the requested work has ended.
And it was quite a plus condition that chores were reduced as my employees increased by one so my burden was reduced.

Processing of small parts and obtaining of commercial products such as oil seal are quite done.So, if you open a large hole in the case and weld it, the prototype will be completed.

However, it works from the trial manufacture first properly and thinks that there is not the thing of the perfection.
So I think that I will be patiently repeating “remake each time I find a problem”.
I have made various things so far, but it is the first time for various people to say “I want it” goods before it is completed.
So I want to complete it early.