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SR 400 bore up, WISECO mounting

I intended to change the crank of SR 400 to 500.However, when I decomposed it and measured it, the cylinder had spread a lot.So I bore up 1 mm and put a piston of WISECO.
It is 511cc specifications at compression ratio 10.

I didn’t bore up for a long time.
And I previously did in a manual milling machine.
So, I am boring on NC lathes for the first time.
First, boring is shave down from the top.And release blade at the underneath.
And, when the blade returns, it is necessary to prevent the blade from hitting the workpiece.So I have to use an instruction called G76’s Fine Bowling.

G76 Z-152. R1. Q.05
In this way, I did input to an NC lathe.

I tried to dig, but the length of the boring head was not enough because the SR’s cylinder was big.So I bought the thing plus the patch and lengthened a bowling head.

And I dug it.
In bowling it is a good way to finish it 5/1000 ~ 3/1000 mm small and then set it to the prescribed dimensions by honing.

This time it was 511 cc, but I would like to try to know how much CC can be done if I have free time.