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SR400 dry clutch, jig manufacture

I stick a clutch cover on a board and intend to sharpen it.Because Jig is necessary in it, I make it.
It was a board of 300×300, but it was able to grasp it with a vise.
The vise that I own opens so much! I thought.
The hydraulic vise of Tsudakoma can be changed, and the mouth is very open so it is convenient.
In fact it is better to have two vise, but the precision should appear right.

SR400, the way to a dry clutch, dimensions measurement.

I would like to know the dimensions of the clutch cover.
So I placed it on a milling machine and measured the coordinates of all the holes.

The hole of the bearing of the main shaft was about 0.03 elliptical.I was worried about it, but I finished measuring it.
Whether or not the dimensions are correct, I printed out at 1/1 and stacked it.

It fits perfectly.
Was good.

And I noticed.The oil line at the special bolt of the oil filter cover is not connected anywhere and what is it? I thought.When changing the oil filter, oil suddenly comes out when you take the cover suddenly, so it is a matter of pulling out oil in the oil filter chamber in advance.
Even without it, it is OK but it is consideration of the manufacturer.

I drew a drawing and noticed.
Before, to make this cover with machining,I thought that board with t = 40 was necessary.However, I feel all right with a board of t=25 if I make the place of the oil filter the other block.

Next is the production of the jig for fixing to the machining center.