Monthly Archives: April 2011

SR 400 dry clutch, quite formidable

I dismantle a normal clutch and consider how I shall do it.
How does it prevent oil from coming out?
The place to put the oil seal is difficult.

What should I do to attach it without processing to a main shaft?
Eventually I feel like I have to make an offset clutch boss…

How should I cut this long groove?
If I make it with the equipment of my company, I will have to use a manual index table to cut one groove and turn it, cut one groove and turn it.
In digging 27 grooves,it takes several hours.
I feel difficult if I do not use NC of 4 axes …

SR400 parts started development

Although it may give up on the way, I started to develop the parts of the engine of the SR 400.
I bought an engine at Yahoo auction and disassembled the clutch.

Then the flowers of cherries bloomed.

The time when cherry blossoms bloom is deviated by type.
This is SatoNishiki .
Many honey bees were coming.
If I chase after this bee, will I be able to reach honey?Or will it arrive at a hive of a stranger who I do not know?