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Maintenance of equipment inside the company.

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I used the zinc plating steel sheet.
In case of attaching with TIG, it melts unless zinc plating is firmly peeled off.
This time it is not the thing of the customers.
It is used in my company.
So, it melted a little as I imagined when I did it roughly.

I was doing roughly, a gap was created between the pipe to be welded and the board.
I filled up the gap with wire.
By the way, rust is not as much as zinc plating, but it gushes.
Therefore, copper plating is applied to the welding rod.
I should weld after rust is removed tightly. This is commonplace.

I used a rusting edge material.
So I thought to paint in POR15 which was famous for paint to be able to paint with from the top of the rust.
But, this paint has too strong adhesion, so it was impossible to open it for the second time and I gave it up.

I decided to paint with used can spray.

When the paint dries, attach the caster and the adjustment pad.
Because adjustment pads is made by rubber, it should have vibration absorbing.

The connection of the power supply used the relay box.
I fix it with a screw at the back.

It was completed!
Enhance the grinders’ table and make it tall!
Again, I made thing bigger than I needed.
But I am particular about lightweighting.
As a result, the structure became complicated and the welding distance became long.

The pipe part is made of chromium molybdenum steel.
I bought it to make a roll bar, but used it because I did not use it.
There is still it considerably.

I used the small grinder called “TOGUBEE” of 100V that originally here was since before having begun Araki F machine all the time.
So it was a matter of concern to make the grinder 200 V for many years.
At last it was settled.
The power and fewer blurring exceed far in comparison with 100V it.
It can be very scraped. And it is beautiful.

By the way, it is a majestic figure of TOGUBEE. (Part surrounded by red)
There is no main photograph of the grinder.


Araki F Machine seriously introduced technology and made it.
It’s all made with cutting of the aluminum.
It’s extremely mechanical ballpoint pen, MechaSEA.
Tap the image or jump to the sales page by clicking.↓↓↓

Machining was delivered by being wrapped in futon.

Old post share.

It is called tapping center even if it say machinning because it is a ROBODRILL of FANUC Corporation.
This machine body was less than 2,500,000 yen.
The model year is about 2000 years.

There is ROBODRILL which I bought at the time of Lehman shock in the right neighbor.
That was the 2005 model, I bought it for 3 million yen at that time.
But, now that the economy has improved, it seems to be close to 6 million yen.
Nice words. I profited for 3 million yen.
In other words, is ROBODRILL which I bought this time to be free of charge?

For a while from the Lehman shock, there was a period during which novel ROBODRILL were not sold.
In this way,I heard to the person of the used goods machine shop.
From 2008 to around 2013?
At that time most companies let an employee take a rest and got compensation and did it for OK even if they worked part-time.
So, a few years later it seems that the used ROBODRILL depletion era will come.

If used goods do not get, my company creates it by itself or lease a new one.
But it is 6 million yen to around 12 million yen even if ROBODRILL is new.
It is a very cheap class as machining.
So, if it is the company which a fund goes around, it is not necessary to buy used goods.

If you load ROBODRILL you can do until leveling. ↓

With this, I can produce ball-point pen MechaSEA by two systems.