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Factory theory.

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I think that the Toyota Production system is the strongest as for the operation of the factory.
I think that it converges to the Toyota Production system by all means if the operation of the factory is thought variously.

Former Toyota Man’s eyes
↑I am reading this person’s blog sometimes.

I have been reading this blog and have remembered.
It was very difficult to measure the improvement effect because the production number of the aircraft manufacturing site is small.
So an improvement activity does not become lively.

When I was in the Boeing 787 wing production line, I was producing parts for one wing in one day.
It is difficult to measure the production number with 1 piece per day.

Usually, in a factory that produces to a certain extent, we will record the production results every hour.
So we can understand the production situation at a glance if we look at it.
We can understand that if we improve it, the number will increase with a single blow.

Even if the production of the plane measures of production every one hour, I do not have a meaning because most time is zero.
So we couldn’t do anything.
In the case of an aircraft, the shop order, the production instruction and record book will come with the thing.
So, I think that it becomes the current cost grasp if it records the stagnation time of the thing, the transportation time, and the processing time.
Then, even if the same parts are processed in a different line, it is immediately found that the processing time is different.
The fact that processing is not possible with the same processing time even though it is the same part, of course, the quality is unstable, it means that it takes inspection and reworking steps.
In that case, re-processed products and emergency products will flow on the line.
Moreover, the quality of the production line drops.
There was even the person in charge who looked for parts that went somewhere due to rework.
I wonder if I managed to manage it a little more, but I would like to make use of lessons learned.

My company’s ballpoint pen has not yet reached a single sales volume per day.
But next year I will increase sales by 1 digit.
It is not said that there is no meaning even if the imitation of a large company because it is a venture company which is doing in the garage, and I want to introduce the variable budget management absolutely.

This is a thing that I can do because I was designing the equipment in the production Technology department, so it should be very advantageous to other companies.


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