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I am making MechaSEA for the Rock-paper-scissors tournament of 2017/04/23 BugsUp.

I will to open a booth tomorrow in this event “bugsup”!
BugsUp’s FB page ↓

The location is Kasaoka Fureai Airport.
Okayama prefecture Kasaoka city Kabuto Nishimachi 91.

To the prize of the rock-paper-scissors tournament,I will let out our company ‘s ballpoint pen, MechaSEA.
In Mr. Kikawa ‘s ad – lib, we decided to make something containing the letters of BugsUp in the case.
I make BugsUp special.
Once sculpture is completed, I will upload images again.

It’s serial number is H000048.
The serial number is engraved on the place where the knob is removed.

Here it is. ↓(Although this is not stamped)

Also, I released fashionable items to the rock-paper-scissors tournament.

It is the T-shirts which are good in a coming season.
It is perfect for such a scene.↓

I will depart early in the morning tomorrow.

Special sculpture was done.Here↓