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I am making MechaSEA for the Rock-paper-scissors tournament of 2017/04/23 BugsUp.

I will to open a booth tomorrow in this event “bugsup”!
BugsUp’s FB page ↓

The location is Kasaoka Fureai Airport.
Okayama prefecture Kasaoka city Kabuto Nishimachi 91.

To the prize of the rock-paper-scissors tournament,I will let out our company ‘s ballpoint pen, MechaSEA.
In Mr. Kikawa ‘s ad – lib, we decided to make something containing the letters of BugsUp in the case.
I make BugsUp special.
Once sculpture is completed, I will upload images again.

It’s serial number is H000048.
The serial number is engraved on the place where the knob is removed.

Here it is. ↓(Although this is not stamped)

Also, I released fashionable items to the rock-paper-scissors tournament.

It is the T-shirts which are good in a coming season.
It is perfect for such a scene.↓

I will depart early in the morning tomorrow.

Special sculpture was done.Here↓


Sunday this weekend.

I will have a booth at this event “bugsup”!
BugsUp’s FB page↓

The location is Kasaoka Fureai Airport.
Okayama prefecture Kasaoka city Kabuto Nishimachi 91.

I will bring MechaSEA ballpoint pen and turbo SR500 (during disassembly).

Big Turbo SR 500, the list I bought.

I bought the piping necessary for the turbo with a famous kinokuni which is a piping part.
It became quite expensive.About 45,000 yen.I am worried about the oil’s return is very thin.

Long banjo KLB408 2
Banjo KB410 1
Banjo bolt KBB08125 2
RUNMAX adapter R991962 2
Turbo line KTL500-0145 1
Turbo line KTL800-0190 1
Silicon turbo hose 60 / 65φ 6065BL 1
Silicon turbo hose 55 φ 55BL 1
Silicon turbo hose 60 φ 60BL 3
Silicon turbo hose 55/60φ 55/60BL 1
Aluminum pipe 50 φ AL6201 1
Aluminum pipe 60 φ AL6301 2
Aluminum pipe 60 φ 90 ° AL6309 1

And, waste gate.I never remodeled the turbo, so I saw it for the first time.Even this alone is quite heavy.

I bought a hose band with a monotaro.

The CR carburetor is 55φ, but 55φ hose can be mounted properly.

I will install it like this.

Since there is no longer time, if there is missing something, you have to go to Benizen and use generic parts.

Big turbo SR 500, Consideration of turbine mounting position.

I thought about attaching a very large turbine of Kikawa Select to the front of the headlight, but it is very heavy.
It seems that if we do not weld something around the head pipe of the frame it can not tolerate the weight.Besides, its around is quite dangerous as the car body number is close.
Even if it is bolted, the paint will peel off.
To make an exhaust manifold,handling is complicated.
So it seems to be irreversible, so I decided to attach it to the side.

But it is very big.
It seems to be Fury Road.

It is necessary to pass oil to the turbine.(This type of turbine does not require cooling water, so it is OK with oil only.)
The oil line heading towards the SR head,once going outside go through the tube and enter the head.
I am going to branch here and try to turn it to the turbine.It only needs to process the fitting.

I must be careful about how to return the oil.
In the oil seal of the turbine,a labyrinth seal is used.Because rubber seals can not be used as it gets high temperature.
Because this seal method has low sealing property, oil leaks to the exhaust pipe when oil pressure is applied.The oil turned to the turbine must be returned to the engine with no oil pressure by gravity.

I think I will take it from the head oil line.And I think I will return the return to the drain of the oil tank.
Since drain of the oil tank is at the bottom of the oil tank, there is much oil on the top so I think that it is not pressureless, but I will try it here once.If it is not good,It would be a good idea to stand a tap the case and attach a joint.

I made a surge tank with sheet metal and I think that I put it under the seat.↓ Here.

I moved object around and moved it to the operating table.
And I put it on the racing stand.
It is after a long absence that I touch on a motorcycle here.

Let’s get started.

SR500 from big turbo SR400, the production of the cover of the dry clutch.

After all, since it was decided to exhibit at the Osaka Motorcycle Show 2017 with a turbine attached to the SR 500 of the carburetor equipped with a dry clutch,I made remodeling around the dry clutch.

I changed the rusting pressure plate bolt to product made in stainless steel.

Because there was no cover on the clutch and I was hitting my shoes, I made a cover.

It is completed but there is no screw of good length.Let’s go to Benizen for buying tomorrow.


Big Turbo SR 400, eventually to sacrifice of moving SR 500.

I bought a very large turbine at the request of Mr. Kikawa in order to make a turbo SR 400 at the Osaka Motorcycle Show 2017 and to exhibit it.

At first,”Since recent bikes are injections, since the fuel is pressurized by default compared to the carburetor, it is easy to turbo, so we will use the injection SR for the base car.”We were saying so.
I was going to remodel the injection SR ↓ of this no vehicle inspection,it is troublesome because there are various normal parts.First of all, we have no time.

After all, running properly, there is still a vehicle inspection  ↓ It was decided to remodel the SR500 dry type of this carburetor.

Injection 400 has already started working on a dry clutch …
It is difficult to make a dry type because NC has been fully operated in the production of ballpoint pens.

One more thing, a decent motorcycle may become a Immovable car.
Mr. Kikawa is in charge of turbo.
Araki is in charge of dry clutch.