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2017.09.03 Okayama International Circuit Results.

Old post share.
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MechaSEA commit to the dream of the guy!!
This season, Araki F machine decided to sponsor Mr. Masaki Adachi who will participate in the ST 600 class from team K’sWorks.

We went to Okayama International Circuit.

He put out his best time in the qualifier and was good-conditioned with the sixth place.

But, he lost the balance by an approach of ATTWOOD CURVE and has slid off the track.↓
And he became end of a line.
He overtook 10 or more from there and finally became a checker at 12th place.

The spirit to overtake more than 10 motorcycles at sprint race of short race time is amazing.

This time, I was taking photograph here.↓

It is a little long, but it is a video taken there ↓

There were many falls today.
And,Hairpin Curve 3 units, 4 units in total.

MechaSEA commit to the dream of the guy! I went to the first report.

Old post share.
Diffusion welcome.

MechaSEA commit to the dream of the guy!

Mr. Masaki Adachi and racing team K’SWorks where MechaSEA would make a sponsor this season.
I went to the first report today.

Probably, I(Araki) went to the Okayama international circuit after an interval of ten years or more.
A long time passed, I was surprised by the changes in the meantime.
There became very clean.
I would like to report on that as well.

The race is tomorrow (July 9), so today is the day before.
Today was practice running and reception and vehicle inspection.
Practice runs are separated by about 30 minutes, divided into each class and run.
This is the same as before and now, but the data logger is completely different.

I think that there were not many people who had it 10 years ago.
I have been remodeling the motorcycle for many years, but this is the first time that I watched it well.
This is very good.
It is able to watch the data such as throttle opening and A / F while running.
So, the rider can understand before and after when changing various settings.
The rider can understand by numbers.

For example, in the case of Mr. Adachi, he seemed to want to decide the setting of the high speed corner today.
So, he checked the data around first corner and second corner.

When it is said why it is a high speed corner, the speed of the high-speed corner leads to the shortest time.
(If he set it to a suspension set tailored to a hairpin, it is too soft and is not stable at the first corner, so he will have to return the throttle.
If he runs in that long section slowly, naturally the thyme falls.)

On the way it rained a little,but the set seemed to be decided.

I was not able to take beautiful pictures with a single lens reflex camera taking a picture of the running.
So I bought a Handy video camera in a hurry today.

I’m looking forward to seeing what results tomorrow.