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I participate in jr’s club cup at KSR110 on July 16.

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Araki F machine and Mecha SEA decided to sponsor Mr. Masaki Adachi.
But, I participate in the race by myself.
I participate in jr’s club cup to be held at Capital Sports Land on July 16, 2017.

The motorcycle is an old, damaged KSR110 I bought in used.
It is a specification that has bought used custom parts with Yahoo auction.

There is a reason why I purchased this motorcycle.
I calculated various rotation balance and made a lightweight crank for KSR.
But, the main body of KSR110 was not in our place, so we could not test it.
So I bought it because I wanted a vehicle that I can drive.

By the way, I decided the shape of the crank to this shape.

In going out to the race, I removed the side stand so as not to be in trouble.
And I short-circuited the wiring that came to the side stand.

The carburetor is fitted with FCR.
This was very expensive.

I would like to see what kind of sound it would be if it was a lightweight crank, so I explain with a video.

The stem shaft is this super lightweight released before.

I will do my best.