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Metallica learning notebook

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I did not know that there is such a thing!
Metallica’s album “LOAD” (released in 1996)
There was an extra bonus on its Japan specification, the first press board.
It is Metallica learning notebook.

It is a Japonica learning notebook parody. It is a book that is popular among elementary school students in Japan.
Japonica is still popular in 2017.It is also sold in the Amazon. here

I was looking for something in Yahoo auction.
At that time, I happened to know the existence of Metallica learning notebook.
I was worried whether to buy it or not.
I bid for it at around 2,000 yen in a few days.
The content of the notebook is like this.
↓ ↓ ↓

I had been more intelligent if I had this note purchased at elementary school!

By the way, this song, battery is not in LOAD so please purchase separately Master of Puppets.

It is Araki Funky Machine ,inc. that is doing such a thing all the time.
Such a company seriously introduced technology and made it, Duralumin billet ballpoint pen “MechaSEA”.
It sells with Amazon and Yahoo auction.
You can purchase from the following.
Tap the image or jump to the sales page by clicking.

  • Yahoo! Japan auction

I participate in jr’s club cup at KSR110 on July 16.

Old post share.
Diffusion welcome.

Araki F machine and Mecha SEA decided to sponsor Mr. Masaki Adachi.
But, I participate in the race by myself.
I participate in jr’s club cup to be held at Capital Sports Land on July 16, 2017.

The motorcycle is an old, damaged KSR110 I bought in used.
It is a specification that has bought used custom parts with Yahoo auction.

There is a reason why I purchased this motorcycle.
I calculated various rotation balance and made a lightweight crank for KSR.
But, the main body of KSR110 was not in our place, so we could not test it.
So I bought it because I wanted a vehicle that I can drive.

By the way, I decided the shape of the crank to this shape.

In going out to the race, I removed the side stand so as not to be in trouble.
And I short-circuited the wiring that came to the side stand.

The carburetor is fitted with FCR.
This was very expensive.

I would like to see what kind of sound it would be if it was a lightweight crank, so I explain with a video.

The stem shaft is this super lightweight released before.

I will do my best.